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9 works

even 8.94kb gif


(130kb JPEG) 22''x28'' Oils 

never 9.55kb GIF


(139kb JPEG) 24''x36'' Oils 

in the 8.52kbGIF

''In the Midst''

(121kb JPEG) 22''x28'' Oils

make 8.80kbGIF


(135kb JPEG) 22''x28'', Oils

flowers 9.30kbGIF

''Flowers ''

(101kbJPEG), 22''x28'' Oils.

sowing 10kbGIF

''Sowing Seeds ''

(91kbJPEG), 22''x28'', Oils. 

Pinko2, 8kb GIF

''Pinko 2''

(85.2kbJPEG), 20''x16'' Oils 

Pinko4, 8.52kb GIF

''Pinko 4''

(146kbJPEG), 20''x16''Oils

Pinko3, 8.62kb GIF

''Pinko 3''

(114kbJPEG), 20''x16'' Oils


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