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stjohn 10kbGIF

''St. John's Vision''
(120kbJPEG), 48''x32'' Oils 

angel 1, 8.48kbGIF

''Angel 1'' 

(113kbJPEG), 32''x24'' Oils 

angle 2, 8.59kbGIF

''Angel 2''

(107kbJPEG), 22''x28'' Oils 

angel 3, 7.93kbGIF

''Angel 3''

(104kbJPEG), 22''x28'' Oils

angel 4, 9.14kbGIF

''Angel 4'' 

(146kbJPEG), 22''x28'' Oils 

john the baptist, 8.46kbGIF

''John the Baptist''

(107kbJPEG), Oils 

Mark2:4-5, 9.77kbGIF

''Mark 2:4-5'' 

(91.7kbJPEG), 20''x26'' Oils 

''Stain Glass'' 

(105kb JPEG), 18''x20'' Oils

Twins, 8.37kb GIF


(97.1kb JPEG), 22''x28'' Oils

Ozone Hole, 6.00kbGIF

''Ozone Hole''

(78.0kbJPEG), 24''x28'' Oils 

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