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Article 1: Friday July 27, 2001

Setting Up A Support Group

******* ******* calls herself a "certified schizophrenic."

The Local Woman, who found out she has schizophrenia 15 years ago, is hoping to create a place where people in her situation can get support.

" I am a schizophrenic and know how hard it is to share what happens in my life. It is tantamount to being in a bird cage. Can you imagine being given wings and having them clipped?" ******** said, in a written statement to the press.

******** wants to organize a support group where schizophrenics may talk freely.

She hopes it will be similar to Alcoholics Anonymous groups.

********, who said she was an ordained Chaplain / mother superior before, says people with her disease are often let down by the people they turn to for help.

"When I started talking about my visions (the church) dumped me." she said. "Once I went bonkers everyone disowned me," ******** said.

She would like "anybody who has time" to join a steering committee so that her dream can be realized.

"Special people deserve a place where they can talk without feeling humiliated," ******** said.

"When you are doing something like this you just throw it to the wind and allow it to happen."

About 15 members are needed for the steering committee.

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