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Mystic Mezzanine

Mystic Mezzanine is materializing.

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14 works

Facits 9.55kbGIF



16''x20'', Oils 

Birth 9.74kb GIF


,,,,,,,,,,( 143 kb, JPEG ),,,,,,,,,,,

28''x22'', Oils"

revelation 9.87kbGIF



36''x48'', Oils 

Air 9.84kb GIF



32''x48'' Oils

Guardian 10.9kb GIF



48''x32'' Oils



(150 kb JPEG) 

22''x28'' Oils



(86.3kb JPEG)

22''x28'' Oils

Long Life

''long Life''

(146kb JPEG)

22''x28'' Oils

Consiousness throgh time 10.3kb GIF

''Consciousness Through Time''


48''x42'' Oils

Fantasy Home 2

''Fantasy Home 2''

(80.4kb JPEG)

24''x28'' Oils

Peace Burst 10.3kb GIF

''Peace Burst Explodes''


41''x42'' Oils 

Symbols 9.83kb GIF



32''x41'' Oils

Nous 9.71kb GIF



48''x42'' Oils



48"x42" Oils

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