As I was Driving Along

Barbra Franklyn • Jul 16, 2020

As I was driving along, I was inspired to write. I had no pen and paper, none the lessthe message was good, it was about angels. So I will try to remember it.


We have lots of names for angels, the names are man-made so I ask do they hold water, have value?? The angels I see are known by their occupation such as teacher, healer, watcher. When I write as I advised you to do. I saw them standing by the rose bushes. Once I took a blue high lighter and went over the letter in a hurry. I am always in a hurry. I saw the poor angel almost blown so had she nearly fell, by the gust of the mighty wind.


Once when I was painting in my studio I put the names of the angels I got out of an angel book on painting. The angels came and painted through me. I became the medium. Which I am when I write, most of the time. The angels stayed with me for three days, painting three pictures each. I had more than one angel visiting with me. On this occasion I saw the angels in a tree. I was with them. I saw my wings. I hung the paintings on a clothes line in the studio to dry. I felt their love and inspiration.


It was a lovely autumn day, the trees golden in their bountiful colour. A gentle, warm breeze blew over the hills. I felt sad that no one wanted to see and witness my beautiful angels. I stood at the open door of the studio holding my arms out in supplication as if invoking the glory to last forever. What glory! Indeed wonderful for me to experience.


Alas – it was not to be! All I have left of that magical moment are the angel paintings, safe and sound. I hope the paint hasn’t flaked away with time and the cold temperature of the studio. If you want to see them, you have to come in for a visit. I am discouraged trying to entice people to come and visit. Maybe you will come to see the angel paintings.


That was the gist of the message I received as I rode along. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did remembering the day I spent with the angels.





Now I Have Come to the End of my Song

Barbra Franklyn • Jun 29, 2020

Now I have come to the end of my song. I have written the Word for you as it spoke to me, through inspiration (a silent voice, thoughts) from the right. I have broadcasted to many. It has cost me much for stamps, ink and over $7000 in advertising. Besides, I have shared all you need to know to bring about a liberation, illumination, salvation. More than I had when I began this perilous journey forty years ago. In the Merlin Mysteries, Merlin says, “Anyone can become a master if they have a good teacher.” How do I stack up as a teacher? There is more to learn for those who have done their homework or who want it, those who do dream yoga. What follows would be of no value to you other than entertainment.


Therefore, I have decided to retreat into my own world and explore the multiple-ended universes I have yet to travel. If you wish to come with me, let me know. But only if you have done your homework and can travel yourself. I have brought you from the light, darkness, and in-between. The rest is up to you. If you have time. I know that some of you are very busy in your chosen fields.


I began in the hope of making friends and company for the upcoming winter. No one has come along, so I must prepare myself to walk alone. Thank you for indulging me in this adventure. I say “Adieu.” Now to start painting. I think I am strong enough to paint.


As the song says:

Adieu, fine friend, adieu,

I can no longer play with you,

I hang my pen in a weeping willow tree.

May the world go well with thee.


Thank you, Rev. Dr. Graham Duncan,

of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church

44 Church Street East,

Brampton – Teacher, Prophet, Friend.



By Now you will have Noticed . . .

Barbra Franklyn • Jun 29, 2020

By now you will have noticed I began with Mashin-anna and turned into The Blur Rose. What gives? We must first speak of the brain. The left and the right are different. The left is for darkness, the past, angry voices, hallucinations, anger, and all that nasty stiff. The right is the opposite. The future, good thoughts, dreams, love, and all that is desired in our society.


There are those who are too much into one side or the other, extremely so. Ordinary folk don’t seem to be bothered. They must be in the middle space. I don’t know much about them, as they are not in the equation. With the mighty pen, the cause and effect can be changed without the prolonged use of drugs. I only know that there can be change in the cause and effect in numerous people.


I was writing to a man who was talking with very bad actors, playing with decapitated heads, torture, nightmares. He says, as horrible as they are, he would not send them away as they give his life adventure. They are company. Something to think about. The same for the woman who speaks with her grandfather’s spirit. She said he was company in a lonely life, and would not send him away. We cannot help these people until we have something to take the place of their companions, a substitute.


When I worked with Teen Challenge (drug rehabilitation through faith), these folks were desperate, going through drug withdrawal, very painful in all ways. We could not help them unless we gave them something to replace the drug. In our case, we gave them religion, Jesus. Not everyone is willing to accept the power of Jesus, Light. They are programmed to look upon such as deprived. But as said, these people had no other choice. Once it began to work, they embraced it with great enthusiasm. Most even became missionaries, or otherwise ordained. Such was the power of their new faith.


Back to Mashin-anna. She is for the left side of the brain. The Blue Rose is for the right. That is, the right can be made left, the left into the right. You may have noticed I put a hyphen in the name of Mashin-anna. When I did this, I saw in the dream world I began pushing around a bicycle. Remember the lesson on cars, transportation. The bike was transportation. The back wheel was in the past, the left. The front, the future, the right. I was pushing it through water. I was going home. The water was the name of Jesus, or Light, which was on an accompanying paper. Think about that, and see how it speaks to you. Mashinanna I was as an indoor name. Her car was old, shiny, and very antique. In a darker place, not black, only darker. The Blue Rose’s vehicle is a big blue airplane. She is in the Light, the right. Since I personally prefer an active right brain, I use the Blue Rose.


Baptize yourself with the Light. No one can do it for you. You don’t answer me. Perhaps you don’t know my name. You think I am just a fanatic who bothers you, like the Jehovah’s Witness. My name is Barbara Franklin a.k.a. The Angel Lady.


I care about you. It is said when you die the only thing you take to heaven is what you have given away. If I have given you hope and a life in the Light, and you look up, you might see a caravan of cars covered with flowers behind me, when I go to heaven. For user, I am heaven-bound. What about you? You don’t have to be in the left to benefit from the Light. A little insurance will not hurt you.





I like to be led in my daily travels . . .

Barbra Franklyn • Apr 01, 2019

I like to be led in my daily travels, even though this stuff does not seem to have direction I can see where it is going. “All is well, all is well with my soul.” Keep the faith. Walk tall, you are special. So am I, for that matter. Now to get through my day as best as I can.





I have a  note book . . .

Barbra Franklyn • Apr 01, 2019

I have a note book where I sometimes write my thoughts, I should go to it and copy some of it out or even to write in it during the day, if it is an effort to get here, side step and try a different way.





I must warn you . . .

Barbra Franklyn • Apr 01, 2019

I must warn you, anytime now I will turn religious (spiritual). We are the lost tribe of Joseph. In the land of babble. We need faith and people will have faith through us as we open them up to what it is to be in two worlds. It is not all bad in fact it is very good. Once we gain control.





Now what to do with this . . .

Barbra Franklyn • Apr 01, 2019

Now what to do with this piece of garbage. Until I get down to the good stuff it is dribble, a mind wandering, is this what the noble human race has come to. I hope not. Take back our lives, our potential.




I was going to write about Richard . . .

Barbra Franklyn • Apr 01, 2019

I was going to write about Richard, an important subject showing how others can, not knowingly rob you of years of your life. Enough dribble for today, the thing is.. got here and tried.





I will not edit this . . .

Barbra Franklyn • Apr 01, 2019

I will not edit this, take it as it comes knowing each word can be a struggle. As it will be for you. Make the effort. We need to know. Open the book. It is yours too. I will get better, will you.




As for the oil . . .

Barbra Franklyn • Apr 01, 2019

As the for oil I think the method is to put enough in the body to make a difference. That can be expensive. My dr. will not prescribe for me so I have to take it out of my food money. Still I must take it, there is no other option. I can’t think of anything to write, to calm I have a lot to say but no urge to say it. It is nice not to sit in fear and dread. Gone for this moment. I hope it lasts for the day. I still look to the idiot box to calm me and keep my mind moving. I need to get dressed. It is hard to get dressed. Or to undress. It is hard to do anything. Easy to sit and vegetate. I have a new psw coming in next week who wants me to teach her tai chi. That should motivate me a bit, if I can do it. I am still weak although I no longer hand onto the walls as I walk about. I have to clean my kitchen. This is a project, each day a project. One day collect the garbage. Not much but still a big effort. I was going to say that when we have an infection the bladder protection causes the infection to rage on as it breeds germs. Which in turn keeps the use of the pads daily. Cause and effect. Yet we must stay clean if we can. Not so easy when you can’t move. Or don’t want to move. Enough for today. I am tired. Maybe tomorrow. Always tomorrow. Tell me your stories, we need to know, it is a silent illness. No one speaks about it, only suffers, no one wants to hear, I do. It is such a deep subject. Mental illness is just as painful as physical. The suffering is just as strong and devastating. When I think of others out there who suffer more than me, I shudder. It must be a waking hell.




I had a urinary infection . . .

Barbra Franklyn • Apr 01, 2019

I had a urinary infection. I take it was caused by the meds which I was given more pills for. That is the Parma, a subject dear to my heart, gave you the infection and then the meds for it. Nothing like perpetuation. I am sure you all have lots of stories about this subject. Somewhere in the U.S. there is a movement trying to put an end to this kind of practice. They will not win as it goes where the money is and these people rule the world as they enslave the populace. Drugged dummies. Is there anyone without drugs in them.




I joined the dating club . . .

Barbra Franklyn • Apr 01, 2019

I joined the dating club and so far nothing good from it, it is early. It is easier to type today, although no new thoughts come. I tried a thing called calm, it was part of the hemp oil stuff. I thought it would work right away, it took the 12 hours time frame. When I woke I felt calm, not the usual panic. That was nice.




Next day . . .

Barbra Franklyn • Apr 01, 2019

Next day.. it is not so bad today, I slept a bit, not in the manner I thought would happen, that is to fall to sleep at ten and wake in the morning. As it seems, I sleep in the morning more than late at night, it matters not as long as I sleep. I know I sleep because I dream. I used to dream a lot and looked to my dreams for guidance. I still remember them a bit, last night I saw a place where I was told to get off the bed where everything good was. People, wedding cake. I took the cake and used it as a pillow on the floor. When I woke I had visions. I don’t do that usually. For the most part there were of a room full of friendly people, around a table of tea.



I just centred the work . . .

Barbra Franklyn • Apr 01, 2019

I just centred the work, the direction of the writing is very important. From left to right light, from right to left dark. Center, grey neutral. I may be too late, I hope to put this writing on a stick and stop the interference I do and will feel while writing. Or your reading it. Every small thing is important, it is a big body of work, it will not come easy. So take the time necessary to learn all the small details. In the end, I hope to bring you to the light and happiness. It is there, we must desire it and work towards it.




Who in my daily life . . .

Barbra Franklyn • Mar 28, 2019

Who in my daily life who might be upsetting my apple cart? Richard. We will talk about hm later he is a sweetheart but even sweethearts can be too sweet and make you sick. Other interesting people will enter each day. A psychic who speaks to spirits is coming along next week, even a new computer. By the way, try blue glasses to shut out the blue rays, very important. I should have written this down as it was happening, very important stuff, I was incapable. Barely able to walk each day, each moment, I am sure you have been there one time or another. Time to rest and think of all the things I should have said and done. Bye for now, come back and we will work on it together. You can add your experiences and give it more meat and potatoes. What are you living through, we are a nation unto ourselves, we need to stick together and help each other to understand and live a fuller life.




I do not hear voices or . . .

Barbra Franklyn • Mar 28, 2019

I do not hear voices or have visions. Thank heaven for that. Those who do are in the left side of the brain which can be changed with out meds. It is a matter of discipline. Just look at what you are doing and track back for 12 hours and look to what is happening. Then stop doing it and things will get better or worse depending in which direction you are going. Even doing this writing is good for my mind, it is busy not dormant searching for things to think of, which is not good thoughts, like suicide. Over and over again to no avail. I even tried to activate some of my plans to no avail. But I must ask, are these my thoughts or are they coming from outside of me. If so, I need to find this person and redirect them. I am usually optimistic and upbeat. How many of your thoughts are your own. You are the company you keep. Even the best person can be wrong for you as they think of you and give off their mental states. This is very important. Keeping your mind in a positive direction is not as easy as it sounds. Your desire for company over rides all else. Easy as that. We are not designed to live alone. We are herding animals, yet we must by our social structure be alone and lonely. Not good, what can we do. Look for others who want to be happy. Some people enjoy being sad, not me.




o much to say and . . .

Barbra Franklyn • Mar 28, 2019

So much to say and so hard to work it out, through out the day the thoughts come that need to be spoken but I can’t get it down. The big question is how do I live in my world on the daily basis. Running scared is what comes to mind. I want to be able to do things like other people but because every thing has energy and I pick it up is distressing. I spend hours just sitting waiting for what, something to do that does not effect my night. That is what I do in the day effects my night. 12 hour clock and that we live in two different time zones at the same time. The cause and the effect. Once you understand and learn to live in your parameters things go well. This is babble, stay with me it might get better.




So I keep the writing grind . . .

Barbra Franklyn • Mar 28, 2019

So I keep the writing grind. I will speak of my lack of sleep. I found that the TV. caused a lot of it. The converter. Each time I touched it, it sent me energy and manifested 12 hours later in such a way as to keep me from sleeping. So I devised a wand of sorts so I didn’t have to touch it. I don’t want to write, yet I know to activate the mind is very important. It is like a parachute, it will not work unless it is open. So I open my mind to see what inspiration comes my way. I think of lots to say when I am not at the machine. Even when I am, I can not spell or write down my thoughts, maybe it will improve as we go along. Back to the sleep. I am sure there are enough of you to understand what I am talking about. I want to talk about the meds am given which cause more distress than calm. I have taken myself off them so many times I am pro, yet it is a night mare each and every time. I am free of them now and use hemp oil. It takes a bit of time for the body to store enough to be of use. A slow painful process, it is all slow and painful. I think I have it right finally after weeks of trial and error. I had a good nights sleep. For me. Time will make things better each day. I hope. This is not important only to my way of making my mind work to get it out. Once I did a lot of study of how I can cause and effect dreams so I discovered the multilevel universes and how to reach them and walk in them. I have written about that already. This is what happens on my way to the forum. One thing that pops into my mind is how I did not fit in the world, no one wanted to talk to me as my subjects scared them, or they were too busy living in the material world that the invisible world has no value for them.




Everything has energy . . .

Barbra Franklyn • Mar 28, 2019

Every thing has energy, and I pick it up, it translates into no sleep. Stimulating me in such a way that it interferes with my sleep. Wide awake all night. Long long nights, long long days as I wait for night in the hope of sleep. Yes there are pills, but they have side effects which only adds to the misery. What do I do with my waiting time, I plan my death, every day, every hour. I even in my active time trying to activate the plans to no avail. So you can see it is not fun. I do not hear voices or have visions although this has occurred and shun it. They are not nice and can be horrible. I will try to show you what it is like waiting watching, with no let up. Long distance swimming comes to mind. I can’t even read as I can’t keep my mind on it. Just waiting, every thing I touch gives off energy, and I pick it up. People also have energy and I pick them up to feeling their thoughts and emotions. Not good either.



I live by the clock . . .

Barbra Franklyn • Mar 28, 2019

I live by the clock. I look at the clock every minute, I wake at four in the morning and look at the clock to see how long I have to wait for morning to show the light letting me know [that] it is a good time to get out of bed, a bed that has come to be also my prison.




I woke this morning . . .

Barbra Franklyn • Mar 28, 2019

I woke this morning with the blasting thought that I should write a new book about what it is like to be a schizoid. I am a schizophrenic and this is my life as I live it daily. It is a hell although at other times in the past I thought I was blessed because of the wonderful things I could do. Now I am not so sure.





Barbra Franklyn • Sep 13, 2013

I am a Schizophrenic, some times my voices give me poetry. I enjoy this very much, so I share with you.



In the land of no where or some place in between,


Is the most wonderful palace you have ever seen.


It's called the Castle of Silence , it lies deep within.


It is a place of pure intent, clean of every sin.


It awaits the traveler who with a jaunty step


Dares to walk the nowhere, of secret gardens kept.


and look on the faces of angels, prophets and kings.


Who love to hear the voices of the hopeful sing.


The praises of The Lord , who gives us each desire,


swelling from within the heart in hope it does aspire.




Now this place of nowhere, we will see for ourself,


the wonders of the name of Jesus and know the self.


Some say it is navel gazing. To shut the people up.


Yet from the royal bread of knowledge we can sup.


Then, you will know, that you know, for you will see.


That what you see will be truth, pure as can be.


It is time for Truth to reign. In our time no excuse


can be given for the lack of faith or the abuse


That's given to seekers who really want to know.


Plant the seeds in your minds and watch the flowers grow.




An other one I found, not remembering that I wrote it.




There's a town called Don't You Worry On the banks of River Smile.


Where the cheer-up and be happy blossoms beside the fragrant try.


And the never give up and patience point their faces to the sky.


Rustic benches quite enticing you'll find scattered here and there.


And each vine is clinging, called the frequent-ernest prayer.


Every body there is happy, and singing all the while.


In the town of Don't you Worry, On the banks of River Smile.


The above is only one small poem that jumped into my mind while I walked through my world. There is one that calls itself "The Shakespearian." It speaks of angels and the Mighty Blue Rose, which is the name of one of my invisible friends. It takes up seven pages. I gave it to a minister friend who got very excited over it. He said it was worth millions. If you would like a copy send me an e-mail.


My invisible not only write through me, they paint wonderful stories. I am sad to say that no matter how hard I tried to share my fortune no one wants anything to do with me since I am said to be a schizoid, and accused of two murders I did not know happened. I do not understand what that has to do with the price of onions. They are all very beautiful, the writings, the paintings and the message. Even so the invitation still stands.


There are posted somewhere on this site a few black and white drawings to play with. I have done at least one hundred and seventy five. They not only kept me busy when I was nervous, they are to be used to tell stories. They are great for the use of color with their cause and effect on the bioelectrical magnetic field that surrounds the body. Be sure to check them out. if you have time and tell your friends about them.






false diagnosed

Barbra Franklyn • Aug 27, 2013

Hidden in this story is a sad tale which can not be told here as there is not enough space. It speaks of injustice done to a family such as kidnaped, rape, murder, false will. All documented to prove that it is true, not a figment of imagination. It is a book, the last chapter not yet written, of a woman misdiagnosed as a schizophrenic, being sane, and sane even to this day. It is about a cover up the murder of a husband, attempted murder of her children, who for their protection were made crown wards, which after over five years of court proceedings was the first crownship to be over turned.


Her new born was pulled from her arms not to be seen again for five years, at which time the poor little child was found to have been sexually molested., to a point her life was in ruin. A sad story all of it's own. The mother had been kidnaped and held captive, poisoned and beaten and raped. Having escaped she was brought back to the kidnappers. During this time there was a false will made which was executed after the owner of the assets died very mysteriously striping the children without asests.


The woman of this book after all of these indignant, abuse, lost every thing she owned, strongly medicated, which caused disoriantaon, without a roof over her head, in extreme pain due to the unnatural birth of the child, a product of rape, and lead poisoning. Still she stubbornly marched on. The CAS were trying to place her in a mental institution, where she would never see her children again. Note she was sane.


She had gone to the police for protect telling them the situation, to be told that she was trying to get attention. Until one of the kidnappers, the one who made the false will was him self ,murdered. She was accused of the murder even though she did not know of the death, let alone who he was. Since she had tried to warn the authority no one paying attention there was a cover up. She is still fighting with all the tools at her disposal to clear her name, and to have her children returned where she could see to their safety.


The events noted here are not unusual. Misuses like this are happening all the time. That false diagnoses is used to rob normal people of their rights and freedoms. If you are one of these people, drop me a line. It is not commonly known by the victims of the CAS, that they the CAS are not given the authority they project. They are given, unjustly , powers to cause dictatorship. They are commonly called the CASMafia.. If you are one of these people get in touch. If you want to know the full story mentioned above, drop us a line.


This is Canada. These things are not suppose to happen in this country. We know they do. We give you the freedom to speak out with unanimity.





voices visions and dreams, schizophrenia

Barbra Franklyn • Aug 14, 2013

This blog and related subjects are designed to help with communications with people who have voices visions and dreams. Other wise known as schizophrenics. Also those who are inundated with emotions, which are imposed on them by others around them.


Over thirty years of self monitoring and experimenting the author believes that most if not all mental illness are a matter of cause and effect. That once one learns how they are caused they can be eliminated.


There are many who are seekers of truth, People who want to know what makes the world turn on it's spiritual axis. There are some who need the voices taken away, and some who want voices.


What takes away can cause, what causes can take away.


These principles are yours to own if you are willing to do the work. You will find as you progress that you must know because you know..


Do not allow spelling and poor grammar skills keep you from sharing on this blog or e-mails. It is what you say, not how you say it.


Don't be a stranger, enjoy and keep in touch.