1 There is energy in all written or printed books, magazines, no matter what.: flyers in the mail,. newspapers. The energy is determined by the content, color and various factors. Some books will give off a positive energy activating the right side of the brain stimulating dreams and light. Negative activating the left side, causing voices and at times visions. Visions can be brought to the fore from both left and right sides of the brain. I know many who suffer depression caused by the books they read. Harlequin romances are a great example. Sacred books can bring one into a sacred place. So on and so forth. Prayer books can bring one to a very elevated mind space, that is if they are written correctly. No dark words, or thoughts.

2 I began with the thought of sharing my study books with you and the marvelous mystery that prevails with each and every one. One is an illustrated bible which is sure to send my spirit into the light. I have learned to have great respect for the light, as too much will cause you to have dreams that are so bright they will wake you, the energy lingering in such a way that you can not return to sleep, affecting you for days without end. One must take care.

3 The left for example can cause a voice to wake you. They will not manifest when you are sleeping. You must wake up. Here you might experience a being standing at the side of your bed. So much I must pass over for lack of space. Perhaps in time, all will be revealed.

4 Visions are given to you, for the most part outside of your body, and are experienced with both your material and outer eyes and ears. Again, they can cause a great disturbance to your sleep. One must give them the great respect they deserve. They are not harmful if used properly. They can give you great insight and wisdom.

5 It is mandatory that you learn how to manifest only what you desire, eliminating what we would call gossip. Entities which come to you telling you small stuff which may be entertaining, and leading you in your world in ways you would not have thought yourself.

6 These are of no value, taking up your psychic space as gossip does in the material world. It is for this reason we are warned not to spend out time in idle gossip. It wastes precious moments of our life which can be spent more constructively. It takes just as much time to read a good book as it does a bad one. Once a black book made me paralyzed for hours. It was horrifying. I now know how many newspapers will cause me cramps. The manifestation can always be different, many of you will want to avoid. You will learn how to sort it out with time and practice.

7 No matter what you like to read, handle with care. For me to read and not give myself unwanted energy, I lay the book spread on the table, with some thing to hold it open. I try not to touch it in any way, if possible. Before I learned of this gift, I had to stop all reading. This was a great disadvantage and sadness, for I passed much of my time reading and studying. Not to mention the books I was writing myself. Books are alive. This why it is called “The Living Word.”