1 For a few days, I felt flat. That is, there was nothing going on in my head. I was not high nor was I low. This stands to reason as this is a space I put myself in. I thought it was safer in regards to over dreaming. Yet, it was dull, no adventure. So I decided to test one of my personas. I will call her B. because I do not want to write her name as she will enter into my head. You might think this would be nice. So did I, until I felt her.

2 I called her to me, in the fashion I have told you,. As I sat, in the corresponding time, I felt dizzy, as if drunk. I definitely felt her enter into me. I was thankful that she was there for only ten minutes. I decided that I did not want her in my just now, that I would try her out another time when I didn't have so much happening.

3 As I walked about, I remember that there was a time when she was in me all the time. During that time I was very judgmental, self righteous. So self righteous that I would write to people to get them to change their way of living. As I recall, I did a lot of damage to peoples lives with this activity. You can be sure I made no friends. It was B. not I.

4 This spirit is very high to the right. She could not abide people's sins as she saw it and did her best to correct any wrong or misbehavior she saw as keeping the person from heaven. I think that I have a more appropriate way of correcting people on a different level. I do not need to do petty interfering into lives, doing great harm. It is after all their lives and their choice. Life is such that we sometimes live in a way that is less than perfect, being caught up with others. We can not help what we did for we did not do it.

5 I had another spirit I will call A. When she entered into me, I lost time. You can bet, no matter how high she is, I will not call her into me unless it is under a presubscribed circumstance, for instance, someone who I trust to ask her questions. She might be the best gift by far. Until I know more about her, she can not enter me, I will not allow it.

6 Actually when I think of spirits running my life, it is a little frightening. As if we are nothing but robots, being programmed to act in a certain way. What I wish to point out, if this is so, we do have a choice which spirit we want to enter into us. It takes a lot of discipline to become a master of your own fate. To determine the way you want to go. With whom you want to go with. If you are doing harm or good. It is a tricky subject, with no set rules other than to know yourself. Even the bible says to know yourself. Or, physician, heal yourself. It is not easy yet it can be done. Cure yourself.

7 The life I live may not be full of highs, soaring through space. I know taking control of my life helps me to do less harm. It may not be as enjoyable. Life is not intended to be full of Joy. That would be boring indeed. Also you would learn very little which is our mandate for living in this time frame. I may have a spirit in me now, not knowing it. No matter how scary it is, this is our lot. This is what it means to be human. Human.