1 Once, I made up a small deck of cards. They were the size of a business card. Black writing of an ancient alphabet, in heavy ink, said to be angelic. I played with them for days. Note here that when shuffling cards, you have a choice to have the active part facing either the left or right hand. In this case, I am not sure which I used, but can quickly determine by doing the exercise over again. This time I will know more.

2 The cards began, at first to give me dreams, in the twilight, going into the black. Then one night, I woke to a host standing by my bed, saying, that they were primevil. This is to mean before life. Evil is to live backwards. Prim being first. That is being the first creations which was not true as they were from the backward land, so they were the last, as I had just made them a few days ago. Then they said to me that this was their last visit. Which on first scrutiny, may have seemed to be so. I expect that someday in the future I will bring that experiment back. For a spirit to tell me it was primeval upset me. At that time, I did not know about the backward land. There is nothing wrong with it, if you understand that from the center of our universe, time moves two ways, forward and backward. Forward into the future, backward into the past. They were black awakening me.

3 I have a whole box of cards I have played with. The notes were lost in the flood, yet, it would be a great adventure to do them all again, with my added knowledge. Especially the Celtic, yellow cards. Having their own power, living in their own time/spaces.

4 There are people who do fortune telling. They are not reading the cards as you might think. They play with their deck for a long time, as you will note from above. They either gave the cards energy or take it away. Either way, they reached a state where they have a spirit or host with them being the entity, or names on the cards.

5 As the cards are read, questions, are asked from the past, present and future. The cards have names on them, which is a specific entity. A question is asked of that entity, for the seer holds it in their hands. The entity will tell the seer what they want to know. There are people who say they read cards. Which they might do, except that they are giving the cards meanings from a book that comes with the deck. They do not have the talent to create the energy with gives them spirits which will answer the question asked. Real seers say nothing from their own selves, but rely on the voices which come then they play with the cards. They will not tell you this as they wish to gain employment from the use of cards. I feel we should all know how to use the cards correctly, it would be an asset to know what is going to happen. It can be comforting as we prepare. There would be less panic.

6 There is the possibility that the spirits of the cards make a stipulation of receiving money. Again, it is in the interpretation, money means time. To play the cards is to give or receive time. The time it takes to do the ritual of the cards, in regard to the cards and the symbols used, which are in themselves very powerful. One symbol can make a chapter of a book. There is a lot to learn.