1 Once, a while ago, I was invited to attend a Celtic organization where people showed their art, Celtic dancing and related subjects. It was very interesting to say the least since I like to paint Celtic designs.

2 To give you an idea of what happened when I did them, I really should show you the paintings and drawings, but it is not convenient at this point. I did a unity symbol which was done of blue, red and yellow. When I did it I had a long dream of floating on a river like the colors of gasoline on water. The river was big and I was small. As I floated I was in perfect peace. This was more than wonderful.

3 I think of one that I did which was very big, it had a very complex design. It spoke to me saying it was a news paper. I had a son who had passed when he was very young, who spoke to me through the news paper. He kept telling me to stop working on it. I was learning so much I kept at it until one day, he entered into my body and I screamed like a banshee. It was horrible. I then burnt the drawing much to my regret. I have often seen this son as a gargoyle. You may not understand what I am writing but as I write I am making note of events which should not be forgotten.

4 For example, I was show that I was in the light, and the father showed me to come into the dark by the drawings. Then I saw a blue form. That black can go do different colors with qualities and events of their own. In this case I saw a blue gargoyle who showed me what to write, that he was writing using my hands.

5 Back to the Celtic fair. Since it was for a few days, I thought I would wear a beige gown. To make it Celtic, I put on with big yellow ink the rune alphabet. I walked around the fair to discover that the runes were like eyes. That is, I had eyes on my dress which showed me what people were thinking. Fascinating.

6 I had a Celtic alphabet in my computer and I wrote with them to discover that they were like a knitted sweater. In one case I used a motif  of a unity symbol doing the spaces black. I then went over the black with a blue pen and it turned into a lovely blue rose. I also did more than one drawing and got a bouquet. I mention these items in passing, as they are a study all on their selves. It is my hope to do a few seminars on them. It is one way to turn a curse into a blessing.

7 In closing, I must tell you that once I held Chinese writing about Tai Chi. As I held the instruments in my hands, also making energy as I did the Tai Chi, I gave energy to the instruction. To my amazement an invisible man, I saw him big as a normal man, who sat on the back of a chair and told me the next moves. I also saw at that time the letters were bright yellow flowers like chrysanthemum This also is a lesson which should be investigated. I have left so much out for want of space and time.

8 As you can see all writing and drawings has power. Magic, magic. All around us.

9 Note, there is a mother and father in both the light and the dark. I say this in case you become confused.