1 What we have here is what I might call jabber. Bafflegab. It was written when I was really out of control. This lack of control was due to some medication I was given which did not agree with me. Not unusual, as most medications have very dire effects on people. The side effects are worse than the condition they are supposed to correct. I enclose this account to show you, in case you are out of control, that we often go through these episodes. Even the best of us. Once I got off the drug, I became rational again, and in control of my life.

2 The colors I handle cause visions, dreams and such. When I was in the light I had not noticed this. Now I am in the lower regions, I can see things I was not aware of before.

3 Yesterday, I went into my closet to find a pink robe. Handling the clothing, and the movement caused vibrations which in the morning, eleven hours later, gave visions. On the personal note, it distressed me as I wondered if all people when they get older have this happen to them. I am going through a withdrawal of a drug which seems to have strange effects on me. Still, the mind went into a ramble as to if I had some dire disease which would leave me impaired for the rest of my life. My husband used to say when I mentioned any strange thing, that this happened to you ten days before you die. Being funny of course. The piece of clothing I fo

2 I do needle work. There are times when you need to take the wool and put it into a ball. You take the wool and circle it over your fingers, going around and around. I discovered this circling caused pain in my ankles. Not an easy pain, very sharp, an unable to walk pain. As I did my needle work and counted eleven hours as I have told you many times and discovered what I was doing, opposite to that time and it led me to discover what caused the cramps. There is a simple explanation. Your feet reflect what your hands are doing.

3 My toes used to cramp when I went to bed. I discovered the needle work I did, opposite or what we might call the corresponding time, told me what I was doing. I did not give up my needle work, I simply timed it so I would not cause distress during my sleep time. The colors I used also had a very profound effect as did certain stitch patterns.

4 I was given a lovely silver cross, which I wore to please the giver. I began to play with it during the day. The cross caused cramps. I do not give definitive examples because it is up to you to test what you are doing to cause the cramps. I used compression leg units to help to find this also caused distress in a different way. I solved the problem by going to the corresponding time discovering what I was doing. Stopped or changed to suit.

5 I am sure I mentioned somewhere that you must sit quiet for the hour corresponding to your bed time. What you do affects your body functions more than you can realize. You might become upset with all this protection thing. That it is all too much.

6 You might recall when we first visited this earth long ago, all the things we do now did not exist. It is brought about by our civilization. Our environment. Then, they thought that we are all not sensitive, that we are are a race of people unto ourselves. That we are enslaved by activities of this time frame. If we were cloistered, these things would not affect us. For this reason the mentally ill were given into the care of the nuns. Their life style protected their charges from the effects of normal living. This way of life is not afforded to us today, so we much take care, become attuned, learn how to live within your own body's environment. Understand that we live in two worlds. Two time frames. It is not as scary as you might think. It simply becomes a way of life.

7 Being truly attuned will help you navigate through this life you have been given. I am sure most of our pain and suffering is a matter of cause and effect. Find the cause and change the effect. It's your life, take charge. You are different. It is your right to be different.

Honor your difference.