1 I found depression came from outside of myself. When I am alone in my own space, I sing hymns in my head and feel peaceful. If someone is thinking of me who has a problem, that emotion is transferred to me and I feel it. I suspect I feel it stronger than it is sent. I feel it as my own. It becomes mine. I have tried everything to date to break is. I hold people for years to chant, pray and such. I know now, this does not help. What helps is confrontation and becoming aware of who you have in your life. To attract no attention to yourself.

2 The thing that bothers them does not have to be related to you, they simply want someone to talk it over with. If a person is in the room with you, who for example, does not like the programme you are watching may feel upset. This makes you upset and both of you become irritated. Their bad feelings enter into you and you feel awful.

3 A person living next door can send you on a trip for a long time. I know a man who sent me on a heart trip for five years. It was very painful and I could do nothing to stop it. We suffer pain, emotions, as well as good things. If someone comes up my driveway happy to see me, I feel their happiness. If they are suffering from the stuff that is written the books they are reading, they go through it all emotionally. Then they wonder why they are in a depression.

4 I say, and it is true, that the book reads you for as I read a book I get visions, dreams and voices from the books. This is in regard to “The Living Word.” That words created by these situations are real, I know “The Word” for it, it just won't come now. That it is a world of it's own and everything in it is created by writing. “The Written Word.” What the book creates you feel. You then send it to others around you.

5 Now that I mention it, I want to tell you that my whole purpose is to tell you about “The Word.” What I write now is only because by accident I found this to be true in my life and want to leave the message, so you can be helped to bring your own life into order. Once brought into order, I want to teach you about “The Word.” It can take away pain as well as bring it. It can take you on wild adventures beyond your imagining.

6 We are special people and as such can and do experience things of a higher nature. It will be the way of the future. It is unfortunate that we have to go through the price of life. The price of being in this human world. Now, at this time, I keep a sharp eye to my visions, dreams, if there are any, and voices in hope they will guide me back to the place where we belong. I have great compassion of those who suffer. I didn't know it was so. Only when I was brought low did I experience these things. It might have been necessary for me to understand you. Not from books, rather from personal experience. I know because I know. Hopefully I will be able to lead you home. If I can find it. I used to walk in the clouds all the time. It was nice, but it also had it's drawbacks. It was a personal lone journey. A joy. One that will grow in glory as it is shared, as is our mandate. Depression is caused, and is uncaused by spiritual hygiene.