1 It is very important that you make your own dictionary for what you dream or vision that is pertinent only to you, for you. Your symbols are your own, although there are some universal symbols.

2 For example, you may see a wallet or purse and you are giving out money. This means that you are buying some dram space. The length of the subject will be that which you paid for. A few hundred dollars means the subject matter will last maybe a week. A few coins, it is most likely a one time dream. Hair usually means the state of the mind. Long flowing shining hair means a good mind frame. Short fuzzy hair is not a good mind frame. On receiving such a dream you can work to change your mind frame.

3 I used to have a dream of my coming down on a ski lift. As I slid down with great joy, people around in the dreams said I was the world's greatest artist. I paint so I thought they were talking about my painting. I informed everyone I could in real life that I was indeed the world's greatest artist. To my shame, it came to me that it was not the canvases I was painting, but the leaves on which I wrote. Beautiful words, the flowers of heaven. Beautiful thoughts, their perfume.

4 Once I was writing about a navigator and saw I was riding a dolphin, who is the symbol of the navigator. These symbols were pertinent to me and the life I was living. The people you see are your people, belonging to your spiritual realm. You might dream of someone else's mother. This is unlikely, although it does happen. Your friends and family are yours so why wold I dream of them for you. Makes sense. These dream people are actors on the stage of your life. Yours only. Your dictionary.

5 As you build your own dictionary, you will find it easier to interpret your visions and dreams. It is nice to go back over your words to continually learn. I am at the state now that I no longer take notes, it is a second language to me. I only write down the exceptional ones. The fun has gone out of it. I am waiting until I am clear again so I can begin a new adventure. If you are up to it, you can come along with me.

6 Dreams are to give you knowledge of the other worlds. Once you have learned enough, maybe a few years, you will have a dream of a graduation party. The graduation is that you know enough of the other worlds, and how it affects your life. Then you are liberated, the purpose of the whole exercise. You have done your job of leaning from this school called life. Only when you are in the body can you reach all the different dimensions. Sort out the good ones and spend enough time there to become personally acquainted so when your time is up on earth, you have determined where you want to be in the hereafter. Common sense is telling me as I write that the body has no spirit. It is the spirit in you that is liberated. The spirit only lives in your body to learn. Sounds like we are used. Which we are. Even in pain, the spirit is learning. We are now bordering on philosophy. Scary stuff at times. Fear is a tool of the negative. Left side of the brain. Keep in the right and be liberated into a sweet place of Light and Peace and Joy.