We must prepare ourselves both mentally and physically, to prepare our minds and space for this great work.

Firstly, I will ask you to buy some steno pads. There is a reason for this. First, these pads have a cardboard backing, which makes it easy to write notes. As you will do as you learn Dream Yoga.  Also, the front of the pad has a place for title and date. As you progress, you might want to check back on what you wrote previously, so dating is important, plus notes as to the subject, which will change as you progress.

I will note here that each and every one will be making their own dictionary. What applies for one, may not apply for another practitioner. For this reason, you might want to check on what caused what in your work.

When you dream, you may find you will wake up. I have to go to the washroom. It is this trip to the washroom that causes the essence of the dream to fade. For this reason, when you wake from a dream, you put the essence of the dream in the notebook first thing on waking. You so no have to concern yourself on how well you write, as what you write is only for your eyes. When you get up in the morning, you check your notes, which will help you recall the dream which you will cause. It is all a matter of cause and effect. It is here where you really begin the work. What did you see? What did you hear? Who did you see? Where did you see them?

Lots of questions.

I now ask you to take a pen in hand and make a dot. That dot has energy. You then take the pen an, and place it on the dot and draw it away from it, making a line. This line also has energy. As that line moves into words, the words have energy.

Logos: This is a very old concept. It is an energy in theh Magnietic field of the world. It is called a principle which prevails in the universe, making all things know. Check it our on Google and see what it says. The Bible is called the Logos, ”The Written Word”, All books have the power of Logos in them. Not only the stories they tell you as you read, but the energies which you pick up with your hands as you hold the books. I am a mystic. As such, I pick up the energy from these things around me, and so must protect myself. When I read a book, I must wear cloves, to prevent the energy from disturbing me. We can have too much energy, and we become confused. It is said confusion comes from the man in the red suit, and I do not mean S-anta, S-atan. Note: I put a hyphen to keep from spelling the name, and thus giving the name energy, so it cannot manifest. Still, you know of whom I speak. This art of knowing a name is not for the faint-hearted. It takes courage to know the meaning of truth. It is a strong power. It is not for the ordinary person. But then, if you are willing to learn, you are not ordinary.

Recently, I have heard stories of how space beings seeded the earth. Let’s face it, we came from somewhere. The people from space may not have used words to communicate, but used mind-talk. I have met people who will mind-talk. It is mind-talk that is speaking the important communications. They also use visions to extenuate their thoughts. These people are real; they do exist. They may be trying to get your attention, but you do not hear them. As you become proficient with Dream Yoga, you will learn the language of mind-talk, so when they talk to you, you will know it. These are the most intelligent people one Earth.

Mankind would do well to elevate themselves to their level of intelligence. For the most part, what is in our minds is mundane and trivial. Space beings must be laughing at us, pulling our their cosmic hair, because we waste time our time on the gadgets they inspired us to make.: cell phones, games and such. Anything to keep the childish minds busy and not learning. Like children, we are entertained, ”When I was a child, I thought as a child” When will we grow up and stop childish thoughts, wasting our lifetimes, not learning the important lessons of growth?

It is now that I bring to your attention the power of the Logos. This is the essence of what I am teaching.



Wow! So many phone calls. I thank you each and every one. I must admit I was not prepared for the virus. That I do not know what to do now except that the message is the same regardless. In view of so much fear rampant around us, I want to say that there is life. Life before life, life during life, and life after life. That life is real and continues. So the fear of dying with the virus should not give fear, for we will survive in one form or another. It is a matter of where you will spend that life. There is a Hell. I have seen it. There is a Heaven. I have seen that also. I will teach you how to fine them, when we come through this pandemic.

In the meantime…

We have two side of our brain, left and right. For our purpose, we want to be in the right; this is where hope, happiness and such lives. We need to know how to access this side of the brain. A simple exercise will do. What I will say might sound strange, and you may turn your back on me. This is why no one who knows, will write or teach what we need to know, because they do not want the condemnation. Nonetheless, I have spent thousands of dollars on this message, so I do not feel I would be doing myself or the message justice if I stopped speaking the truth now.

The exercise is simple. Take a piece of paper and a black pen, and write. Writing has energy. What you write gives the colour or energy. Write about LIGHT, big and loud. LIGHT and more LIGHT. No need to have a story; simply write the word LIGHT. Then you hold it so the energy enters into you. This alone will give you a positive energy. The more you do it, the more energy you feed into yourself. Try it; you have nothing to lose, and so much to gain. The LIGHT will eliminate the fear you are feeling.

Most importantly, do not abandon me because you think this has no value. Only time will show the truth of what I want to teach. Each and every one of you ar3e precious to me. We are entering into a new time, a new start over opportunity.

To seek TRUTH and LIGHT. I felt inspired to write the above. And I obey, as this inspiration has more wisdom than I can come up with. Now I wait to see what more is to be said.

Only, do not give up. Look forward. The trees will sprout leaves, flowers will grow, you will walk down the road holding hands with someone. This is a sure thing. It is a matter of what frame of mind you will be in when you see/do this. Try to think good thoughts. Think pf all the good things you have done. Concentrate on nice memories and the new ones you will make in the future. There is always a future. Plan for the future by projecting good thoughts, hopes, and dreams. Bring the collective consciousness up a notch in your corner of the world. Bring in the LIGHT. It will break through if we work on it. Take the might pen and write into being good things. Create positive pictures. Send love and hope out into energy field that surrounds you. This is much more positive than sitting in fear. Write into being the LIGHT which will send away the darkness. Try it, then let me know how you did, if you did. You will never know what you can do until you do it.

The symbol for the mighty pen is a sword. A sword with which we fight ignorance, dear, and all the stuff which hinders growth and a positive direction for the human race, the planet, and all living in it. Take the mighty pen in hand and write into being good things, grand thoughts, a better way of living. The only way to get rid of the negative, is to write into being the positive. As you learn, you will see the difference, and know the value of it. Begin now by writing into your life the LIGHT… The message for today.

Peace be with you.

Write it in big capitals: LIGHT




Now that the preliminaries are done, let us get down to work.

1 We are not totally one being (person). We are made up of many parts. We need to get to know each part personally. This we can do through dreams. We will name our parts, bring each part into our dreams, so we will know them, and allow them to speak and guide us. To make it simple, we name each part, i.e. your first name, middle name, and last or surname. As you bring each persona into your dreams, you will note their mode of dress, (which helps to identify their occupation.) also the colour, so you can spot them in your work. Hair, which tells you more about them; (long hair, shiny, colour.) As you get proficient with your dreams, you can call on anyone. Parents, friends, even those who have passed on.

2 These symbols tell you a lot. The language of dreams is in symbols. Some symbols are universal. (The same for everyone.) Some symbols are personal, pertinent only to you. This is why your notes or dictionary are personal, meant only for you, as it is your persona talking only to you. For that day.

3 Some personas are seen in your dreams as being outdoors or in cars, which is also a confined space with a roof. Sometimes you will see them in stores, which speaks of knowledge, as does food. When you see a story, you may see a wallet with money. The amount of money says how much time you will spend on that lesson or thought present. Money means time. Food, the type of knowledge.

4 Speaking of knowledge, take a pen and write your first name in big print at the top of the leaf or sheet of paper,. If we use the word “page”, we will see a little man in a black suit delivering messages. Your first name will be seen mostly, if not always, out-of-doors, in your garden. You have a choice to go where they live, to bring them to you. Surnames are seen indoors, or with a roof over them.

5 A book is seen as a tree, the trunk the content, the branches the chapter, the leaves the message on which they are written. P-age

6 You are to print in big, bold letters. A heavy pen is best. If you sign it, you will go to their time/space. Don’t sign it, they will come to your dream/space. Then hold the leaf in both hands about a foot from your face so you will see them close in your dreams. Write at the top of the leaf, in the middle, so you dreams will in the middle. Hole the leaf for ten minutes. A shorter time than that, the dream sill not be long enough to tell you anything. Much longer, it will be long and confusing.

7 Fill the leaf with a message as if you were talking to the person. Continue to fill the leaf. End with a question, something you want to know. I always ask “What do I need to know?” (more productive)

8 Timing is important. We live in two clocks. This will be explained as we progress. Dreams are best planted around two or three o’clock in the afternoon. This is so you get your dreams when you should be sleeping. At night when you awake after your dream, write simply what you saw, in order to stimulate your memory in the morning. In the morning, you complete the dream journal, leaving nothing out: the dress, hair, shoes, (colour, style, modern or old-fashioned.) Everything will inform you about that part, (persona) and only that (Persona) who you are (persona). You will recognize them when you will see them again.

9 What you will see will be for the next day. Moses went into the desert (dreamland). His people were given manna (bread). They were told to take only for that day, and to throw away what they didn’t use. New each day. For that day only.

10 Move on. Be sweet and kind. Bowel movements mean a dump or anger, bad feelings, argument. The size and colour will be an indication (symbol). This is only a beginning, a start. Every journey begins with a start, a first step. If you do not take that first step, you will stay where you are, be a sick-in-the-mud. You can travel the universes, meet interesting people, learn fascinating things. Once you have learned enough to be liberated, illuminated, you will see (in your dreams,) a big party, a celebration. It is up to you. This is only the beginning. I am here to help you on your journey, your tour guide, so to speak.

Happy trails to you.