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Whether we receive your order electronically or through the mail (Box 107, Erin Ont. N0B 1T0), once it has been compiled you will be contacted with the account information required for payment prior to shipping clearance.

You may wish to print this page now, and take it shopping for marking down your selections. Return to this location to place an email order or otherwise post it with your applicable fee.

This listing is for introductory purposes only. Prices presently include Canadian Sales Tax's and are subject to change without notice.

Don't be shy, compose your personal selection for screen savers / digital slide show / wall paper. From within the entire presentation, choose any ten of The Galleries images for a mere forty dollars Canadian currency (Tax incl.), plus any shipping and handling charges.



Screen Savers or Wall Paper This venue is open free of charge to institutions of learning, religion and health, given proof in writing of the expressed affiliation. (donations are welcome). Otherwise, images for the digitally inclined, are matched as closely as is possible to the colours and strokes of the original works of art. The brightness factors of this electronic medium are most pleasing to the artistically trained eye. Purchase is for your personal use only, and may not be altered, copied or sold for the obvious interests regarding business. The preferred BMP presentation is common ground for most, however please state your preferencein this regard or this will be a given. Upon receiving and having cleared your order you can expect your choice of (download, or disk) in the mail promptly.
Prints are sent directly to your door upon fulfilling the run, signed and numbered by the Artist, authentic in every detail. Framing is left to your own tastes and desires.16''x20'', $250.00ea Canadian.Tax incl.
Pin Ups / Posters are also delivered directly to your door upon fulfilling the run. Frugal yet authentic in every detail. The framing we of course leave to your own tastes and desires.
Originals are by far the most sought after commodity, and therefor are only available as offered. If you would care to purchase feature marked items please submit accordingly. To participate in the silent auction, post or emailyour bid along with the title and catalog # for the items of interest.
Concerning hard copies / originals, generally ground shipping rates through UPS = 10% of total order. Minimum shipping and handling charge of $5.00. Charges are per address and per package.
The Blue Rose Gallery is under construction, and may be experiencing difficulty. Please inform The Gallery in any event. 
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