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Note: Please comprehend that in the interest of  confidentiality  and security, we screen all new comers.

Entitles Good Standing Bearer To Attend Gallery Showings, Events and or Functions


So it is fully understood, please let me explain what goes into a production of this sort. To begin with there are countless hours of study required to acquire the foderious content necessary for the exhibits. Following that are the lifetimes dedicated to the culmination as is delivered for your partaking. Next would be the inspiration period mated with the talents of the artist and, the values associated with that end of it. Raw materials such as paints canvas, paper, film, scans, and repro's are also a considerable factor. Assorted equipment such as projectors, cameras, computers, or even pens are all part of operating costs.

I guess mention too must be forthcoming of the curators time energy and training. From there mounts a host of expenses the likes of which include advertising, server costs (webspace), traveling expenses, research and development, overhead, public relations, etc. etc.

Now consider what it costs a person to buy a single book. $30.00, $50.00, $100.00 or more. What about a computer program? Ask yourself what was the very least you have paid for a solitary piece of art. With all that in mind, coupled with the knowledge and experiences as are shared, The Blue Rose Gallery is essentially a priceless commodity.

With much consideration it has been determined that given the vastness of the presentation at hand and, public response to the Internet forum, we can supply much more for your viewing pleasure, for a greatly reduced sum by offering memberships.

As a member, you gain access to levels beyond the general entry level pages from which you just came from. Although the design is of the same format as the general pages, members gain the privilege of viewing the numerous additional pieces in an undefaced form. The quantities to choose from are broader and rotated often. In addition, card holders gain physical entrance to TBRG events.

If a member desired to be placed on the e-mailing list, notification of the latest updates would then be forwarded accordingly, in order to keep that valuable patron duly abreast. This courtesy ensures an equal opportunity for all active participants. As a confidential email list, it is not for sale or public use. It must also be noted that your opening of such an email will not only give the patron a list of directly clickable links to the given updates, but also allows the individual to expediently by-pass previously explored territory.

Best of all, please understand most displayed exhibits, currently have an "original" work awaiting your bid, essentially being up for silent auction unless otherwise marked as "biding N/A". Of course a minimum bid will be denoted where applicable (min. bid $xxxx.xx).

It should be stated that only members will receive full access to certain auction house privileges, such as The Blue Rose Gallery E-Catalog. This particular privilege applies whenever one becomes a member or, if the catalog is duly updated and or published.

Should a party personally wish to acquire an image in a bmp format (highest quality imagery exceeding Internet browser practicability), or hard copy, they could well order their favorites in the interest of slide shows, screen savers, wall paper, etc., through the general ordering contingency as provided.

Like any social type club there is a ONE TIME initiation fee followed by an annual maintenance fee. The limited time introductory offer entails a $100.00 Canadian for initiation, to be accompanied by this anuamís set fee of $70.00 Canadian per. Subsequent annuams are to be renewed accordingly at your discretion. Corporate fee's are available on request.

As confidence remains low regarding security and credit card information, we are not offering this option but request that you please complete the application. Please "Print" the page, complete and ''Post" with your inquiries. (The Blue Rose Gallery, Box 107, Erin Ont. Canada,  N0B 1TO). Upon our receipt of the application, you will then be contacted and provided with instructions and account information for you to make the appropriate deposit of your dues. One form per membership please. Do Not Mail Cash.  Upon confirmation, you will receive the necessary instructions to activate any membership privileges. You may choose to have the information emailed or posted. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of your clearance. All members agree to internal confidentiality and that all activity is considered privileged information. Note: Please comprehend that in the interest of confidentiality  and security, we screen all new comers.

Above all, the public level of TBRG is maintained and perpetuated only through the support of our members and those guests bearing gifts. It is due to this esteemed community that such as the cause shall remain available to the less fortunate whom seek enrichment. You will note that banner ads are virtually nonexistent on our pages and are otherwise deliberately kept to a minimum appearing only on a few selected outside sources. It is our goal to fully eliminate them, however, this cannot be accomplished without input. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that all may engage in the workings of the community, as may be seen by the choice of enlisting Bravenet, which allows individuals to build at no cost, an Identity and place online to call their own, with which to interact in the community.

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