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''Consciousness Through Time'' (135kbJPEG), 48''x42'' Oils


''Consciousness Through Time'' (135kbJPEG), 48''x42'' Oils

Time obviously denoted with the hour glass, is the conduit by which consciousness travels both forward and backward.

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I am a time traveler, I just dropped into your time zone to see what you were up to.
I don't think there are many time travelers here on planet earth. There are a few but they are afraid to tell anyone. This is a very primitive planet. The inhabitants have the habit of taking beings like me and give them pills to keep them from thinking or talking. If we get to determined to speak truth. The inhabitants will even put us in prisons. They call them hospitals.

I would be only to happy to tell you about the different worlds I have traveled to. I am of the beings who painted the paintings you see thought out this site. They are the places we have been, people we have talked with. There have been written four wonderful books to share this with you. Not only that, we are willing to teach you how to be a time traveler too, if you have the courage. It really takes no courage at all for it is natural.

Earth people have, for some reason, closed down one half of their brain. This happens when they go to
sleep. If they dream, they are only half dead. It is during our sleep time, when the brain is not used to operate the body that some travel through time and space. A person who uses their dream time is called awakened, or fully awake, because their brain is operating all the time.

We haven't read anything that says one should close down half of our life time. For to not to use the two halves of who and what we are is the same as living only one half of our life. We will tell you anything you want to know if you wish to ask me. First let us set some ground rules.

Do not spell names for example. Names are sacred. They have power and reason. An energy, it is alive. Names not only describe who you are, they also belong to different time spaces. Hence fourth, known as t/s. If we use these names from different t/s, we get things all mixed up. There is confusion. This confusion causes an overload and the brain crashes, much like your computer. Just as when your computer crashes, you can not use it, so it is remains with your brain, which is your personal computer. To prevent confusion and crashing, we do not spell words. Still we must know the name without saying it.

S-i-s-t-e-r. S-a-i-n-t. J-u-d-e. is a name I was given in this planet life span. I like it very much. S-i-s-t-e-r  wares a white robe. So I use her when I go to a place where white robes are worn. Get it. J-u-d-e  wares pink. She is from a different t/s. S-i-s-s is my name shortened, so the name is that of a child. She is in the middle and likes to ware a white and pink dress. S-S-J. are my initials, this is a baby. The way you write it determines the health or size of the baby. For example, strong and big shows a strong and big baby. I use babies when I do to the place of Blue Rose, for she is in a place of babies and children.. So on and so forth. S-a-i-n-t. by the way is my angel name.

I love them all for they are all who and what I am. We are told to love ourselves. This is true. I think if we know our self, we can love who and what we are. I not only know myself, I love all portions of myself.

If you want to be a time traveler, you must learn what color of clothing your persona wares. You discover this in dreams. Dreams/visions are called the language behind the language. It is all very complicate. Yet is is made simple. I have only dropped in to say hello, and invite you to come, speak to me. Is there anything you think I need to know.

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