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Lost and Found


Some time in history, the tribe of Joseph seems to have disappeared.
These be the dream makers. The people rose up and destroyed them.
The mothers, fearing for their gifted children did not teach them how to use their gifts.
And so they wandered in the desert for lo these many long ages.
Losing contact with their inner self, with the outer self,and all that lies between.

It would do no good to give great lamentations on account of this great loss.
For it would help no one. Yet these are my kin.
For I, too, am a Dream Maker, a Visionary.
On becoming free, learning of myself, knowing the wonders of creation,
I seek my kindred spirits that we might rejoice in our own company.
That we might break bread, drink wine, to sing songs.
To worship in our own way that we might be uplifted.
In our exquisite understanding of creation and all its marvels.

Are you one of the lost tribe?
Do you hear voices, dream dreams, have visions?
Have you ever wished to seek your own without the slaver’s chains on you?
To be free, totally free.
If so, seek me out for I am yours and you are mine.
Let us rally that which has been lost.
That which has been under our own flag, let us bring together this mighty nation kept in slavery for so long.

Let us find
lost is nothing but your own selves.
Find our own selves, find yourself. Know for yourself.

For you are special, very special.
They fear us out of jealousy and ignorance,
not knowing that we are the very ones who were sent to help them in their misery.
Come to me brethren, come and rest in Peace and harmony.
Be safe in the knowledge that we can find our home.
Home is not just a place, it is a state of being.

Come home, weary one, come home, and know PEACE.