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1 Do you hear voices as you walk through life? Are they there speaking to you either in anger and nastiness, or in quiet encouragement?

2. Do you fear to share them with others because of the reactions, so you keep it all bottled up inside yourself?

3. Do you have visions seeping into you at every corner? Not understanding them. Not knowing if you should take advantage of the wisdom they give you? Living in fear?

4. Do you have so many dreams at night, waking you from sleep with each one? Is you head so heavy when you wake in the morning you need a crane to get it off the pillow? Do you want to understand what they are saying to you? Or even better put a stop to them?

5. Do you have emphatic emotions? Do you walk around with so much distress you don't know which way is up? Do you wish you could put a stop to them, by finding out how to control them?

6. Do you lose time and don't know where it went? Do you set out for one destination and end up in another? Which at times are unknown to you? Can it be controlled?

7. If you answered Yes to any one of the above you are a Special Person. It is my goal to help people like us with seminars, fellowship and understanding.

8. By making a safe place for us to come with others like ourselves. For non-threatening discussions and sharing, with quartz crystal bowls to play, and a left-side right-side coloring book designed to help you control your brain orientations yourself.

9. To learn more, drop a line by email or any means available to you, which you feel safe in doing. I do not promise Ii have all the answers but I am trying. I do not promise a social calendar but I am trying. To bring For Special People Only into operation I need you, It will be your place of refuge. It will be yours to mold and shape to suit you. At this point, I bring to you my hopes,dreams, and aspirations. Let's work together for a common goal. I am looking forward to sharing my world with you.

Peace and Joy to you and yours.



It is not for the chronic, rather the functioning with visions, voices over dreaming and empathetic emotions.



cause and effect, self-realization, self-control, self-appreciation

in a pleasant, friendly, non-threatening environment with freedom of expression.



Maintaining a website with a chat room for those able to access it

Sharing expression in writing or painting ? so the world may understand what we see and hear

Pen pals to interrelate with others for friendship

Esoteric discussion groups

It is geared to reach the Special People being For Special People Only

Their own ZONE

Special People have reached the multi-dimensions which constitute the universe,

It is not illegal, it is not immoral, and we should not be made to feel that it is.

There is a great horror in some cases.

There also is great beauty and joy.

It is to bring about the latter we aspire.

It is there.

?seek and ye shall find, ask and it will be given unto you.?

Funding so far comes from the making and selling of wooden angels.

You are more than welcomed to contribute in stamps, funds, time and talent, experience or general interest.



?Welcome to My World?

We are sponsored by the Blue Rose Gallery.

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Over dreaming and dream yoga. How to use dream to understand yourself
How to control dreams so you can sleep
A view into the beyond

Thank you for your interest. Please feel free to e-mail the Blue Rose Gallery or
mail your views and stories (visible or invisible).
Especially the invisible ones.



1 I did a few times. Once I caused myself to go to the left side of the brain and while in it I walked outside at night. I live in a park-like setting, so it was a pleasure to walk in the moonlight. As I did, I thought of the pioneers as they passed this way. I saw them form before my eyes. I thought of the pain and suffering and soon I felt it. I turned away as I did not want to look or feel it. Then I was overcome with fear. Fear being from the side of darkness. The fear grew into a huge wave which hung over me, filling me with its essence. Then out of my mouth came a primordial scream. This was all too much for me so I quickly turned to go indoors. I passed a window which showed the lighted room inside. As I looked into it, all the negative passed from me. Just think, to only look into the light sent the darkness away. You will note that this happened when I was outside opposed to the inside. This must be  important. Note: pioneers from the past, left.

2 Once I took marijuana. I was overcome with fear as I cowered in the corner. Fear is the opposite of love. The spirits in that time zone filling me with love their way. The further down into the dark one goes, the stronger the emotions. Once I tested hashish. I was told by a spirit that I was dying. Note: When I was in the left, I needed to replace the battery in my watch. In the right I didn't need to change it for twenty years.

3 Dying, is only a way they have for telling you that you are walking out of the light into the dark. I have had many people tell me a voice is telling them they are dying. So they get very upset and filled with fear. It's a spiritual death.

4 There are some people whose goal is such, that they test their worth by how much pain they can receive. Going to the left will cause pain one way or another. It is very interesting. I think these are the mystical gifts. For the light teaches us differently. Light gives us revelations. The visions or dreams you receive from that place will be the opposite, i.e.; you are dying, when actually, you are in the light, being born. When I saved a person, brought them into the light, I saw them as babies in white swaddling clothes handing on evergreen trees like Christmas decoration. I also see angels in the same trees, with their feathers hanging down. All is see is the feathers. When I walked in the angel lands, I had wings and feathers too, also up in a tree.

5 Once I had the experience of playing with cards I had made, very simple ones. Each time I held them, I took the energy from them until they had none. I suppose they took energy from me instead of giving it to me. After a long time, weeks, I had beings come to the bottom of my bed. Many of them. They said they were primeval. Prim, being first. Evil being the opposite to live. They were from a time before life began. Life being light. Dark being death. I became frightened, and did not play with them again. The fear was from them to thank me for bringing them forward, as I took myself backwards in time. This may not make sense, although it might give you an idea of the difference, and how easy it is to walk into the left or right. War is from the left, peace from the right. It was an adventure which I would like to try again. Really an eye-opener, that there was more to reality than was expected. Yes, I have walked on the dark side. It is after all, creation's story.



1 As indicated a few times throughout, what you have read, what you find here is not all there is. There are volumes yet to be shared. I have sent the knowledge herein in order to get the ball rolling. The first step  in a long journey.

2 I invite you to ask your questions, share your pain and sorrow, as well of your highs and joys. Your hopes and aspirations. You are safe here, no one knows who you are.

3 It is written in the bible that we are from a far country. That we do not belong here. We are here whether we like it or not. There is not escape, except through death which is only of the body. We then will still have to deal with the circumstance we find ourselves in after transition. It is a continuous flow.

4 Since we are a race unto ourselves, I feel it is time we learned to discover who we are. Learn how to live in this strange place in which we find ourselves. If not for ourselves, for those who come after us. We need to help each other. Hold each other up.

5 We need to take control of our own destiny. Stand up for our rights. Stop being victims of a system which is not really geared for us. I can go on for ever. Enough said. You know what I mean.

6 Thank you for coming along so far. I hope what you found here helped you. That you have some essence of hope that we were not placed on this planet to fend for ourselves. To know that there is help, a hot line. We only need to know how to dial up the magic numbers, or words to make life enjoyable, help you be free. We were not intended to be slaves to a system that does not necessarily work for us, built with good intentions, by people who can not really understand, as one has to experience for one's self what we experience. Walk a mile in our shoes.

7 Once, when I was speaking to a Revelator, I was told to bring the Special People (SP) together. To make signs and march in a protest against the tyranny in which we find ourselves.

8 I thought at the time, if they have not locked me up by now, to instigate these whisperings in my ears, there will come the wagon and nets to take me away, never to be heard of again. I do not advocate these actions, yet, I feel we can come together in our own space to speak for ourselves, liberate ourselves, be who we are.

9 This life was given to us, each independently. It is for us to decide how we want to live this precious life in a manner that gives praise and joy to the meaning of life. The Special People.

10 Note: When you write to me, be sure to mention the title of the page and the number of the paragraph you want to talk about. It is for this reason there are numbers of each paragraph. No matter, feel free to write. I will be waiting for you....