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Welcome to The Blue Rose Gallery

In the coming of our presentations we will endeavor to bring you a wide spectrum of treasures. With upwards of a thousand pieces to be exhibited, there is something here for all to connect with. The theme range is so diverse as to span from golden years to grandchildren...from funtastic to fantasy... from illusionary to illuminance... from esoteric to erotica... from playful to portraits and of course serious to simply stunning.

It must be stated that conventionality is not our direction, however as you may see the focal point travels many avenues. Within this realm divine inspiration provides the catalyst for a given medium of choice, whether it be oils, ink, literature or sculpt. To ensure you get a maximum experience please look over the how to page.

Don't forget to set your bookmark for The Blue Rose Gallery News Letter, in anticipation of further introductions to Celtic Arts and Bind Runes, their fundamentals being the root behind many disciplined wisdom?s of the ages.

Images marked ''FEATURE'' are obtainable on consignment, in either digital, print, poster or original as marked. It is recommended you first get yourself an item ledger for your reference and or recording of choice from here. Please feel free to direct your mail-by-post.

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